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کاسه اسگرافیتو

7 TH Century

sjrafitto ware

14 TH Century

Corner star Tile with golden shade glaze

Etiquette of visiting the museum

((Pay attention to these practical points when visiting museums)) Museums preserve the ancient human heritage and no material value can be ascertained for the works preserved in them. That’s why visiting them has etiquettes that we are all required to follow. Usually people try to visit public and historical places, especially museums, to be more […]

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inscription on potteries


Pottery is the most important and the most familiar handmade artifact of the man. The apex of the man’s attachment to pottery could be seen in the divine statements like the 14th verse of one of the chapters of Holy Quran (namely Ar-Rahman) where God asserts that He created the man from ringing clay just…

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